The Easy Route to Top Notch Sports and Fitness Club Insurance

Feeling confused or concerned about insuring your sports and fitness business? Or wondering if the insurance you already have offers best value and covers the scope of your changing needs and activities?

Here’s the solution: Call in the fitness centers insurance experts at Aspen Insurance Agency.

For sports businesses in New York and New Jersey, we can quickly identify your protection needs, review your existing policy (if you have one) and deliver competitively-priced insurance customized exactly for your business.

And that’s all without you really having to do anything other than tell us about your business.

We can pinpoint protection you may have overlooked, explain some of the risks in your business, and offer you many advantages you won’t find anywhere else.

What is Fitness Center Insurance or Gym Insurance?

These are the terms insurers use for a wide range of sports and fitness businesses that include all types of health, fitness and wellness facilities, as well as martial arts studios, yoga studios, meditation centers, training facilities, swimming clubs, racket clubs and some types of spa.

What Does Gym and Fitness Center Insurance Cover?

There are some essential elements of your coverage and some you might not have thought about. These include:

  • General liability — coverage for bodily injuries and damage to personal property.
  • Professional liability — protects you against claims relating to your staff or consultants for mistakes or bad professional advice. Includes specialists such as lifeguards, instructors, personal trainers and dieticians
  • Product liability — deals with complaints about products and equipment you sell.
  • Property coverage — protection against the costs of fire, theft, vandalism and other perils. Plus, coverage for members’ personal property.
  • Workers compensation.
  • Sexual misconduct, abuse and molestation — an increasingly common source of complaints.
  • Umbrella insurance — for when costs exceed the limits set by standard policies or to include some otherwise uncovered risks.
  • Commercial and electric vehicle insurance.
  • Equipment breakdown
  • Employment practices — to protect you against allegations of discrimination, harassment or other misconduct

There are also some specialist elements — for example if your business includes a day nursery, if you offer tanning services, or if you hold outside events.

What Fitness Center Insurance Do I Need?

Don’t worry if the coverage we’ve listed appears long or complicated. We’ll help you understand what you need — what’s essential and what’s desirable. You won’t be offered insurance for coverage you don’t need!

If you already have a gym insurance policy, we’ll check it at no charge to make sure you’re properly protected.

How Can I Save Money on My Fitness Club or Gym Insurance?

Because we work with many leading insurers, we know where to get the best, most competitive deals for our clients — so you don’t have to do shop around.

We can often also get discounts for you, for example if you agree to a larger deductible (the amount you pay yourself before the policy pays out).

We can often secure discounts for things like your past insurance record, multiple policies with the same company, special security arrangements you may have, and other aspects.

Furthermore, we keep track of changing rates in the insurance marketplace to ensure you’re always getting the best fitness club insurance.

Why Should I Use Aspen Insurance Agency?

We can give you 5 key reasons:

  • We have more than 20 years’ experience insuring businesses like yours.
  • We use leading edge technology that enables us to pinpoint the best rates and coverage instantly.
  • We offer low down payments with monthly installments.
  • We’re “local” with a physical office and established team of experts; you’re not dealing with some anonymous person online.
  • Our customer service and support are second to none. You need help — you call us.

Why Wait?

Without the right sports and fitness business insurance, you could be putting at risk both your survivability and reputation.

Or you could end up paying too much for patchy coverage.

No need for that. Eliminate the dangers, save yourself time and money, by contacting Aspen Insurance Agency for a no-cost, no-commitment discussion or quote.

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