Affordable Commercial Vehicle Insurance Rates

New York State law requires all vehicle owners or lessees to purchase auto insurance. Commercial vehicle insurance shields companies from personal injury and liability and damages. Aspen Insurance, Inc. is a New York Insurance Agency that offers affordable commercial auto insurance policies in Brookhaven, Ronkonkoma –Suffolk or Nassau counties- anywhere in the Long Island and New York area.

Business owners who have been in a car accident can appreciate the comprehensive protection or commercial vehicle insurance. Commercial vehicle insurance is very different than personal auto insurance. For example, did you know that if your business “owns” your personal vehicle, the name of the business should appear on the policy as the “principal insured” rather than your name? Otherwise you might be personally liable if something unexpected happens.

Some business owners allow their fleet to be used for both business and personal use, making commercial vehicle insurance even more paramount. If this applies to you, let Aspen review your current commercial vehicle insurance policy. It may need to be updated.

Consider the following when choosing commercial vehicle insurance:

  • Who drives a company car?
  • How do your employees use their vehicles?
  • Do some of your employees use their own cars for company work and travel?
  • What are the vehicle use arrangements your business has with its employees?

Aspen knows the ins and outs of commercial vehicle insurance. We offer a specialized commercial auto insurance program with an enhancement rider that may include: Employees as Insured, Loss of Earnings, Towing Reimbursement, Wavier of Collision Deductible, and Rental Reimbursement. It all depends on your needs. There are many insurance choices available and our friendly, experienced agents will walk you through all of the options and rates.

New York businesses are best served with a commercial vehicle insurance policy. The experts at Aspen will search among the top insurance companies find you the best rate. Certificates of insurance are issued in just one hour! Contact Aspen Agency, Inc. at 631-471-7575 or fill out our online form for your FREE insurance quote today.