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We specialize in Long Island Homeowners Insurance!

For Nassau and Suffolk County homeowners we provide the most competitive pricing using A+ AM Best rated New York admitted carriers. What this means to you, the consumer is that we are using companies of financially sound backing. In the event of a claim, you want to have homeowners insurance with a company that is financially sound, and reliable. Coastal locations, prior claims, and non-renewals are not a problem for Aspen Agency. We have carriers that want your business, North or South Shore to Upstate New York. Whether you have a high value home, a waterfront home, a coastal or secondary home as well as the standard family home, we have a company that will suit your needs.

While several nationally known insurance companies have decided to leave Long Island and start non-renewing homeowners insurance policies, we still have the ability to write so called “hard to write” homeowners insurance policies. If your policy has been non­ renewed or if you’re unable to get coverage because you’re too close to the water, please call us. We can help.

Save Money with Aspen Insurance Agency – Let us do the shopping!

Our insurance shopping service can lead you to many options for insurance quotes. We provide our shopping services free with no strings attached. We ask that you fill out just enough information in our secure forms for us to start shopping for your homeowners insurance. The forms only take a few moments to fill out, then we’ll put you on your way to finding affordable home insurance. The personal information you provide us with will be secure at all times. What could be easier?

At Aspen Agency, our state of the art computer systems are exclusively designed for our agency, to provide the technology to search for the best rates and coverage available in the Homeowners Insurance market. This technology is unlike any other brokers in the industry.

When looking for affordable homeowners insurance it is important to request quotes from many insurance providers. Those who shop around for their home insurance tend to find the best deals available for their homes. Home insurance costs depend primarily on the location of the home, how susceptible it will be to natural disasters, like hurricanes, as well as other factors. Homeowners can typically save by increasing their deductible to help lower premiums. Others find affordable home insurance by taking advantage of loyalty programs offered by insurance companies – they buy both their home and car insurance from the same provider. Many affordable home insurance companies compete with rates, so the best route is to obtain quotes from many different sources, therefore our shopping services give you the greatest advantage.

Many homeowners look at their homeowners insurance policy renewals each year and do not shop the market, often losing out on significant savings. Here at Aspen Agency, we look and each and every renewal to make sure you are getting the best possible coverage and premium. This service is our pleasure to provide to you, free of charge.

Our premium quotations come directly from the insurance companies and are not estimates! They are accurate homeowners insurance rate quotes which are based upon the information you provide.

Family owned and Operated since 1995

Aspen Agency emphasizes personal attention, quality customer service and responsiveness to the needs of our customers.

Aspen Agency emphasizes personal attention, quality client service and responsiveness to the needs of our customers. We provide superior service to our current and potential customers.

We understand that today’s customers are diverse and demanding, that’s why Aspen Insurance provides a broad range of products and innovative, technology forward services to our customers so that their homeowners insurance experience is convenient.

Get A Quote On Homeowners Insurance Today!