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You’ve found it — the solution for your  homeowners insurance needs. You’re looking for best value from reliable, first rate insurers, backed by powerful customer support. We deliver that for clients every day.

For Nassau and Suffolk County homeowners, we provide the most competitive pricing from only top-rated New York home insurance companies. After all, if you’re making a claim, you want to have homeowners insurance with a company you know is financially sound and reliable.

What is Homeowners Insurance?

In a nutshell, it’s protection for the costs of damage to your home and possessions and for liability or lawsuit claims for injuries or damage caused in your home or by your home activities.

What Does Homeowners Insurance Cover?

Policies vary from one insurer to another but all cover four main areas:

  • The structure of your home is insured for many perils like fire, hurricanes and vandalism.
  • The contents of your home, including personal possessions, against loss, damage or theft.
  • Liability protection — for defense and other legal costs as well as compensation via settlements or court awards
  • Living expenses if you have to temporarily move out of your home while it’s fixed after an insured disaster

Does Homeowners Insurance Include Flood Insurance?

Most standard homeowners insurance policies don’t include coverage for floods, earthquakes and ever sewer backup.

But Aspen can protect you against all of these risks. It’s not a problem.

So, Do I Need Homeowners Insurance?

If you own or are buying your own home, you’d be crazy not to insure it — and most lenders demand it. Costs of putting right damage or loss can easily run into tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, while liability lawsuits can cost millions.

(If you rent your home, we can provide special renters insurance protection)

What Types of Homes Can You Insure?

We have insurers that want your business, North or South Shore to Upstate New York. Whether you have a high value home, a waterfront home, a coastal or secondary home as well as the standard primary family home, we have a company that will suit your needs.

What Types of Homeowners Insurance Coverage Do I Need?

We customize your insurance coverage to meet your needs.

That could mean, for example, choosing between full replacement costs and current value of items involved in a claim.

It might involve adding in some of the non-standard risks like floods.

Or you may want higher levels of protection, such as coverage for expensive items, collectibles and even those sewer backups — through what’s known as Umbrella Insurance.

How Can I Save Money on Homeowners Insurance?

Because we work with many leading insurers, we know where to get the best, most competitive deals for our clients — so you don’t have to shop around.

We can often also get valuable discounts, for example if you have more than one policy with the same insurer, or if you agree to a larger deductible (the amount you pay yourself before the insurance kicks in).

Furthermore, we keep track of changing rates in the insurance marketplace to ensure you’re always getting the best value homeowners insurance.

Why Should I Use Aspen Insurance Agency?

We can give you 5 key reasons:

  • We have more than 20 years’ experience insuring people like you.
  • We use leading-edge technology that enables us to pinpoint the best rates and coverage instantly.
  • We offer easy monthly payment options.
  • Coastal locations, prior claims, and non-renewals are not a problem for Aspen Agency.
  • Our customer service and support are second to none. You need help — you call us.

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