Affordable Roofer’s Insurance

If you’ve secured a roofing job, proof of Roofers Insurance may be requested by a home or business owner before work begins. For larger projects, building owner and municipality’s requirements mandate that roofing contractors have a Roofers General Liability Insurance Policy in place. Therefore, it’s of utmost importance to have sufficient Roofers Insurance, especially considering the risky nature of roofing work.

What is the Cost of Roofers Insurance? 

Aspen Insurance Agency, located in Long Island, New York, offers several liability insurance payment plans that will protect your business interests. Costs of Roofers Insurance are based on the amount of liability needed and the type of work performed. Aspen’s professionals can help you select and adjust your Roofers insurance policy, which will be designed to protect your business in the event of a lawsuit and more.

General Liability Roofers Insurance Should Cover the Following Liabilities: 

  1. Bodily Injury — Personal injury or an injury caused by your employee at a client’s worksite.
  2. Completed Operations/Products Liability — Losses/repairs or additional installation required as a result of your work’s impact on a client’s work site or from distributing products.
  3. Personal Injury — Damage to the client’s personal or businesses due to slander, libel, copyright infringement, invasion of privacy, false arrest, wrongful eviction, etc.
  4. Advertising Injury — Losses caused by your advertising (spoken or written), i.e., an ad that openly maligns a competitor.
  5. Medical Payments — Pays the medical expenses of a person injured on your premises (a customer, client, visitor, or even a trespasser) up to a stated amount, regardless of fault as a goodwill gesture to prevent lawsuits.
  6. Independent Contractors Liability — Covers damage from a third party vendor in your employ at the time work had been performed on the client work site. 

For General Contractors, Aspen recommends an additional yet often overlooked, Injuries to Sub Contractors Liability Coverage policy for extra protection. 

Aspen Insurance Agency, Inc. provides one-stop, low-cost solutions for your Roofers Insurance policy. If you are applying for a home improvement license and need proof of General Liability Insurance FAST, Aspen issues certificates of insurance in just one hour- guaranteed! For more information on roofers insurance, contact Aspen Agency Inc. at 631-471-7575 or fill out our online form for your FREE roofers insurance quote today.